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Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz is an special club, Otto Zutz is different. While the biggest nightclubs in Barcelona spend thousends and thousend in the lastest sound systems, lights and DJs, Otto focus on create and develop an unique atmosphere. Nowadays it became a legend in Barcelona's nightlife and is the kind of place where you go to have fun and not to show up.

Its public is mainly local students, but you can also find some Erasmus students or even tourists, specially on summer season. Thanks to they easy-going policy with respect to dress code and their chill ambiance, Otto is one of the most popular places to party in Barcelona.

Music changes depending on the day of the week, but they play usually Hip Hop on the main floor and Reggaeton on the second one. There is also a third dancefloor that is only open on weekends or when the club is full.


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