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Razzmatazz: One of the best night clubs in Barcelona

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Born in the 2000's, "Razz" was founded on a former textile factory in Poblenou where the mythical "Zeleste" (a concert hall) used to be. Zeleste has been very important for Catalan rock'n'roll and has received artists of an international reputation like Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Oasis and Radiohead.

Razzmatazz did not disappoint its demanding audience and it's still a temple of live music and a meeting point for those who are looking for a more "underground" and alternative place - contrasting with the chic atmosphere of the beach clubs (Opium Mar, Carpe Diem, Pacha, etc.) and of the "Zona Alta" (Bling Bling, Sutton, etc.) "Razz" has hosted different events, nights, concerts, presentations, galas, movie makings and adverts.

This giant of the catalan night has a surface of 3700 sqm making it the biggest nightclub in Barcelona with a capacity of more than 3000 party-goers (but you shouldn't be surprised if it's packed with more than 4000 in weekends or during the high season).

The most remarkable aspect of "Razz" are not the big volumes it features, but rather the way space is organised. The club counts 5 different dance floors offering varied music types:

  • Razzclub: Indie-Pop, New Wave & Alternative Rock.
  • Lolita: Electro-Pop, Electro-Punk & House.
  • The Loft: Techno & Tech-House.
  • Pop Bar: Indie, RnB, Electro-Pop & 80's.
  • The Rex Room: Industrial, Techno-Pop & Old-School Electro.

As said earlier, Razzmatazz is a cultural reference in Barcelona. Even though it hosted many artists renowned internationally (think Coldplay, Pulp, Jeff Mills, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand y Blur, among others), "Razz" has kept on promoting independent music and offered innovation and experimentation.

It's probably a must-go for party-revellers. Its unique atmosphere and its sound system's quality are famous. If you're looking for alternative vibes, you can't miss it.

Located in the former industrial area of Barcelona, el Poblenou, "Razz" is a bit far from the city center (more than half an hour).

How to arrive in Razzmatazz ?

With the Metro: Get out at Bogatell (L4: Yellow) or Glories (L1: Red)

Be careful because the Barcelona metro closes at midnight during the week. On Fridays, it closes at 02:00 and Saturdays, it's open all night long

Buses: Since the metro is closed during the week after midnight, the NitBus is the only public transport open. They come and go more or less every 20 minutes.

From Plaza Catalunya: N11 From Plaza Espanya: N2 and walk 10 minutes or N13 until Plaza Catalunya (and take the N11) From Paral•lel: N6 and walk 10 minutes From Diagonal - Francesc Macià: N7 and walk 10 minutes.

Cab: If you don't want to take the bus and are a group of three or four, a cab or a cabify are good options because they are not too expensive in Barcelona.

Which are the conditions to pass the bouncers in Razzmatazz ?

  • Age: Normally +18, but we recommend to check depending on the event.
  • Bring an ID card (ID card from your country, driving license, passport). In general, photocopies or pictures of your ID card are not valid to get in the club and you might get refused entrance if you don't have the original document with you.
  • Follow the dress code (see below)
  • Behave at the door (be respectful, don't try to skip the queue, don't be drunk, don't drink in the queue, and don't be too noisy.)

*** What is the dress code in Razzmatazz? How to dress to go out?

Razznatazz doesn't have a specific dress code. Sportswear and politically oriented T-Shirts are frowned upon. We also recommend not to go with your beach clothes and no flip flops of course.

 On which music can you dance at Razzmatazz?

On some nights, several national and international artists perform on stage, so we recommend to always check before going. In general, you can find pop music, Rock or Electro.

How is the atmosphere in Razzmatazz?

The "Razz" is attended by locals and tourists alike. The atmosphere is social and relaxed. Since there are many dance floors and it's very big, it's easy to get lost so we recommend to always have your phone with you.

How much is a cocktail at Razzmatazz?

Prices vary but you should pay around 10€

Which days are there guest lists available in Razzmatazz? And how to sign up?

Guest Lists in Razzmatazz don't work like the ones in Vila Olimpica (Pacha Barcelona, Opium Mar, etc.) and you need to know someone from the staff to get in for free. The best you can get as a regular are discounts and/or drink vouchers.

Wednesday is the only day of the week where a guest list will give you free entrance (or sometimes 1€ cover). You can sign up on the list over there:

How much is the entrance charge? How am I supposed to buy it?

In order to buy tickers for Razz, we recommend you visit the official website:, where you can buy tickets from 6€ and on. The big advantage is that you'll be able to skip the queue, which is very long during weekends and the high season.

The entrance price can change depending on the event or the artists