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How could I forget my first night in Pacha? If today, after years and years of partying and working in nightlife, it remains my favourite night, it's because this nightclub is absolutely exceptional.

I will always remember the first time I got down the flight of white stairs leading to the main room where Alberto Herrera -the resident DJ- was throwing hot house tracks, bursting with energy, while a swarm of swirling red lights were giving an electric touch to the moment. This next-generation night club packs a punch and it's therefore only after a few seconds that I started noticing splendid ladies, very well dressed all around me. Frankly, it was like Christmas for guys - and the other way around too I imagine.

Just next to the big main dance floor, there is the "Red Room", a small dance floor which opens on weekends and during the Summer season, and where the venue usually plays other music styles like latino tracks or old school songs. Even if I told you Pacha is crowded, you wouldn't imagine to which extent. Everyone is going there, and it becomes quite difficult to walk around with a drink or a bottle in hand. The positive side? Hits and latino music are, as you can imagine, considerably easier to dance on.. In a nutshell, the perfect place to flirt and meet people.

All around the main dancefloor, the upper part of the club hosts a place to which you might not have access: the V.I.P area where spots are pricy, unless you know the right people. If you don't live here, it's hard to be connected, so you either have the dance floor only, or get your group a table (for 5 people, if you're more, you'll have to get a second table), which is around 300€ with a bottle and soft drinks.

Finally, once you crossed the whole club, you will find the terrace, where -in the good old days- party goers used to be able enjoy a drink with their cigarettes. Sadly, because of a recent city council regulation, it's now forbidden to bring alcohold outside after 3 a.m. It's a good spot to flirt, since everyone is chilling and it's easier to start a conversation. A piece of advice? Guys, motivate yourself and speak Spanish. The British accent always helps around here, and girls will be quick to forgive the occasional mistakes you're bound to make while getting their number. A piece of advice for girls? Don't bother speaking Spanish, the locals will be more than happy to try their best and communicate with you anyway. ;)

Located in Vila Olimpica, one of the fanciest and chicest area of Barcelona, this famous nightclub is open every night of the week and offers different nights, atmospheres and music genre depending on the day of the week. You will find all this information on NightsApp's party finder.

Some info to guide you already: here in Barcelona, nightclubs, popularity, music and atmosphere change every day, especially @ Pacha. Mondays are a very important day at Pacha because there aren't many other good spots in Barcelona this day, and the party goers split in two main groups: The chicest go to One Night Stand, one of the best nights of Pacha. The other group prefers a more underground option and goes to Nasty Mondays in Apolo (Rock music).

Pacha is always full on Mondays because it's one of the biggest nights of the week: the crowd is there, and the DJs too. If you're a hop hop fan, you can not miss Pop That Party, the biggest Hip Hop night in Barcelona. It's always crowded, especially by the locals, so we recommend you get there early and to contact us so you can skip the queue (which is sometimes longer than 45 minutes)

On weekends, the two most important nights of the week take place: The Toxic (Friday) and the Feel Ibiza (Saturday). In the low and high season alike, they are the most sought-after events in Barcelona: don't miss it if you're here for the weekend. The main floor is bursting with
The main dance floor explodes with House & Hits music from top DJs, local and international alike, and they spin quite some RnB music too. A second dance floor is open and offers Latino music and commercial hits. It's very important to arrive early, around 00:30, because coming in later means you will wait a lot in the queue

Finally, the Fundays are the official Sunday party. It's a new night which offers a techno programmation, quite a new thing for a club like Pacha. Barcelona is a city which is less into Techno music than Berlin, London or even Paris nowaydays. Barcelona is only just starting to diversify its musical offer. The Fundays offers a night a bit different, a bit more underground than what you can usually see in town. And you can see it from the crowd's dress code: Bouncers are less picky than during the rest of the week.

Even though you'll always find a lot of energy at Pacha, we would not recommend going on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, because many nights are more active around town. In Summer however, you can go any day of the week and find a packed venue. Evenings where international DJs are spinning records, of course, are always full and booked well in advance.

The last thing we need to tackle to round up this review of Pacha are the bouncers. There are very friendly, but also very professional and don't let in everyone. The number 1 rejection reason is a non-respect of the dress code. So:

  • For girls:

A dress and heels are always a perfect combination to go out, but luckily, you don't have to either. The only rule is not to come with flip flops (Yes, I know, don't laugh, flip-flops... but we see every Summer hundreds of tourists getting denied entrance because they wear flip flops. Don't be those guys. It's strictly forbidden - and enforced. You will always get rejected. Plus who wants to party in flip flops seriously? Other than that, almost all attires are ok if you're on the NightsApp guest list. You can even wear sandals or sneakers if you're elegant.

  • For guys

If you're well dressed, you won't have any problem. Pick a top which is either a shirt, a polo, or a fashionable T-Shirt. Then, jeans or elegant shorts (no swim pants) and white, gray or black sneakers, or, even better, leather shoes

The bouncers are understanding. If you're well dressed and behave in the queue, you will get in without any problem. But Dress Code is not the only topic. It's also extremely important to bring your ID card or your passport and behave before getting in. It means no alcohol in the queue, no excessive noise.

As you've probably understood by now, we love Pacha. It earned its worldwide reputation - and we warmly recommend it. A negative point maybe? The price of drinks. All the beach front night clubs have more or less the same price, and you'll pay around 10€ for a cocktail.

A good news to conclude? We can get you in for free and without queueing almost every night of the week. So don't hesitate to check our party calendar and to contact us!