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Opium Barcelona: How to get in for free?

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The chicest and trendiest nightclub in Barcelona is waiting for you at Vila Olimpica, right between Carpe Diem (as known as CDLC) and Shoko.

If you're in Passeig Maritim, you will probably see super elegant girls in dress and heels, and very well dressed guys in shirts and leather shoes, probably making their way to Opium.

As soon as you arrive, you'll have to pass the first test: the bouncers. You have to be aware it's one of the most selective nightclubs in town in terms of dress code, and probably the one rejecting the most people. That's why we took some time at the end of the article to summarize a few tips for you to avoid any problem at the door.

Before getting in, you'll be asked if you're on the Guest List or if you're a regular guest. Right after, you'll go down the stairs and immediately notice you're in a next-generation night club. We recommend you check the nights on our website, because excepted for a few special events, there is always a way to get in without queuing with us !

As soon as you're inside, you'll understand why it's a must go for all part-goers in Barcelona, why we say it's a temple of House music - and of Barcelona nightlife in general, and of course, why the world's biggest DJ's all played here (think Ingrosso, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and some other world-famous DJs)

Once you're down the stairs, you'll be impressed by the environment, by the quality of the sound system, and by the many many lights, blue, green and red, on the right and on the left. If you're a guy, your eyes will also probably get caught by all the stunning ladies dancing everywhere. Keep in mind one thing: Opium is probably the nightclub where you'll find the hottest girls of the whole city (beware, it's also the one where it's the hardest to pick up in Vila Olimpica, as House music is not as good as latino to approach girls. If you want to dance close, it's not going to be the easiest but well, it's your time to perform). A few meters away from the stairs, you will arrive to the main floor, which is immense and seems to shake with the deep bass and people jumping around!

Almost everyone is packed on the main floor and around it. The two terraces and some VIP areas (a table is around 300€ and sits five people).

At the moment, it's impossible to go out with a drink because of a municipal order, but outdoor is always a good spot to meet people and and flirt a bit. Keep in mind the sound is very loud inside the club and chatting can be a bit difficult at times. Anyway, smoking a cigarette is a good way to chat with your friends or find someone to sleep with if you're a social person.

The most emblematic nights of the year in Opium take place every Wednesday and during the Summer season (let's say between June and September) thanks to the WedDJs, the events in which the most reputed DJs in the world will play. You may buy tickets on the website and prices vary according to the artist. It will cost you around 25 and 30 euros minimum.

During the low season, we recommend you visit Opium, especially on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Every day, house music is played, as well as some R'n'B. But what matters the most during the winter fall season is affluence.. let's say it's a bit more complicated to find a nice club full during a weekday than during the high season.

The Red Carpet night on Fridays is probably the most crowded and we recommend not to miss it. There are two things to mention. First, it's 18+ for girls but 21+ for guys. and second, you should go relatively early, more or less around 1, so as to avoid queuing.

As we said, the other recommended nights are Downtown which takes place every Tuesday of the year and Soundays, every Sunday.

If you're spending two or three days in Barcelona, you will not have enough time to visit many clubs, so we'd recommend to only go to Pacha and Opium, which are the two main clubs on the Beach front.