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Skip the bouncer: what everyone should know

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In London, getting in the top night clubs is a feat considerably more difficult than in Barcelona, we get rejected for dubious reasons, we have to know a promoter personnally and/or come in good company - or work in the City. Very often we don't know if we aren't dressed to the club's standards, if the club is full, if the doorstaff doesn't like our face or had a fight with his girl.

The good thing is: In Barcelona, it just doesn't work like that. Here, the system is clearer and bouncers are much more reasonable. If you respect a few rules and dress code, I can assure you you won't have any problem getting in.

NightsApp gives you access to most of the city's guest lists, and we can even let you skip the queue at some parties. That way you won't have to wait for ages and we talk directly to the bouncers (we know them) so as to get your group in. The only thing you'll have to do is to follow the following five rules:

1. Dress according to the club's dress code.

Every nightclub has a dress code which normally varies depending on the music genre and audience they target. For example, a small latino club in Moll de Mestral won't have any expectations regarding your dress code, while chicer nightclubs like Eclipse (@ W Hotel), Opium or Bling Bling, whose popularity is largely due to the exclusive image they build over the years, will be bery demanding.

So, how to know how to dress? In principle, if you're here in holidays and are connected with the right people in nightlife here, dress as elegantly as possible. Whatever the club you'd like to go to here in Barcelona, you won't get rejected because you're too well dressed. Another option is to look on our website which is the recommended dress code.

The only general rule to mention is that you are not allowed to get in with flip flops (yes, flip-flops..) for security reasons. There might be broken glass on the ground and if you cut or harm yourself with it, the nightclub will be responsible for that.

Ladies, in general, don't have much trouble when it's time to pass the bouncers, even though, in general, they are always dressed to impress. It's rare that a place will require that they wear a dress and heels, but we can't deny it remains the best combination for the most exclusive places. In most cases, the troubles with them are due to their cut. Bald cut, really short hair or flashy colors are sometimes an issue for the doorstaff, espcially at the fanciest clubs.

Guys, don't panic. The idea is the same than for girls: Be well dressed and elegant overall. If you have buttoned up shirt, jeans and leather shoes, there is no way you'll get rejected for your style.

2. Always bring ID.

This is very important. Here in Barcelona, there are many controls and nightclubs can find themselves in trouble if they let anyone underage in. Having an ID card is almost mandatory to get in in any nightclub in the city. If you're 25+, take one as well, just in case. National ID cards with photo are idea, but other documents work: passport, driving license, university card will all be very useful as well.

Even though there are places which accept photocopies or pictures on the smartphone, most won't and we don't recommend betting your night on that.

3. Behave in the queue.

If you're well dressed and brought your ID, but are causing trouble at the door, they won't let you in. So a few tips about that

  • Don't drink alcohol in the queue
  • Don't be execessively noisy
  • Don't try to skip the queue

4. Be there early

Especially during the high season (summer and winter), nightclubs in Barcelona are literally packed with clubbers and a selection criteria simply becomes who arrived early enough for the nightclub to have some capacity left. In general, we can say nightclubs open at midnight and that until 1 a.m., there won't be too much queue, so there is a way to get in easily. Even though it's always a pain to arrive early - it's the perfect effort to make to ensure a good night as bouncers are less demanding and will be less strict, especially regarding the dress code.

5. If you're drunk, stay calm.

No nightclub accept people who are barely standing because they drank too much so if this is the case for you or a friend of yours, the best is to stay relaxed to dissimulate it the best you can.