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Guest Lists: The Secret of Barcelona nightlife

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In all places with a big touristic affluence, you'll find two prices: the one for locals, the one for tourists. And Barcelona is no exception.

We are in a city where locals have half the money tourists have, yet they still manage to go out in the same venues, and often even have more advantages when they do.

The nightlife world works exactly like this. In many nightclubs, foreigner queue and pay entrance while locals just skip the queue and get in for free. Not so nice huh? Our mission is to bring you all these advantages to you, whether you're a tourist or a local. And save you money.

That's why we are going to tell you in five minutes how to get in for free and without queuing in almost all nightclubs.

In some clubs in Barcelona, there is a way to get in for free. These clubs are at Vila Olimpica (Pacha, Opium Mar, Carpe Diem (CDLC) and Catwalk.) and in the City centre (Otto Zutz, Bling Bling, Hyde Club and more). In all these clubs there are four ways to get in:

  • Pay entrance like everyone. Prices vary between 10€ and 20€ (with a drink) for standard nights. If you're going to do this, we recommend to go early, between midnight and 1 o'clock to avoid big queues, especially during Summer or Spring.
  • Talk with promoters of nightclubs which are a the entrance and will give you flyers with discounts. With them, prices will be a bit lower, and you will sometimes get a drink included
  • Book a VIP table in advance. Normally, this costs between 250 and 300€, and includes a bottle of 750 cl (vodka, rhum, tequila or gin), soft drinks (water bottle, orange juice, schweppes, coke, Fanta and so on.) and room for up to five people. You'll get in through a special door (there should be a sign indicating "Bottle Service") so there is a big advantage: you will not have to queue. The VIP is a very good option if you planned on spending more or less 50-60 euros in the evening. It will be more advantageous than buying the cocktails separately. If you need more information or would like to book a table contact us, we will take care of everything.
  • Not pay anything and sign up on our guest list. We will give you free entrance in most parties and you will not have to queue.

How to sign up on the guest list ?

In our website, you can find the best nights for the night, as well as numerous options there are to get in each nightclub. Guest Lists are probably the best option, but they are not always available nor do they work with all the clubs (for example at Razzmatazz, there are none, and for La Terrrazza, you get a discount only and not free entrances..)

The guest list gives you more or less free access up to a certain hour (normally, it's until 2:00 A.M) and often, we will also let you in through a special door and without queuing.

If there is is a way to get in for free in the night club you like, the only thing you will have to do is sign up through our website. We will give you all the information regarding the party: the deadline (until when you can get in for free), the dress code, the directions to go to the club and if you would like to skip the queue or not.

In this case, someone from our staff at the entrance of nightclubs will be there to let you skip the queue and get in personnally. Our service is free and you won't have anything to pay. The only thing we will ask is a contact phone number to organize and set a time and point to meet.