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What is NightsApp?

Barcelona is a crazy city, and its nightlife has become as famous as Ibiza's. But to enjoy it to the fullest, you'll need some insider's knowledge. That's why we created NightsApp.

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Visiting Sagrada Familia and Güell Park, supporting Messi and the FC Barça at Camp Nou, eating tapas in El Born or El Raval, enjoying the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.. The list of things you absolutely need to do in Barcelona could go on and on and you'll find it in any tourist guide about our marvelous city. All these daily activities will make your trip to Barcelona unforgettable. But what about the city's buzzing nightlife?

Barcelona offers wild parties to party-goers every day of the week, whether you like to dance next to the beach or on top of the city's most iconic buildings. But how do you find them? The secret to an unforgettable night does not only lie in the location, but also the timing. Where and, more importantly when to go clubbing?

NightsApp has the answer. Every night of the week, we direct you to the busiest party in town, and sign you up on the Guest List so you can party for free.

Barcelona is one of the world's most renowned cosmopolitan cities. People arrive in Catalonia for different reasons, business, studies or tourism. Logically, these travelers got various expectations and the city has developed a nightlife catering to everyone's needs.

"In Barcelona, you will find everything you like." The motto is absolutely true. It doesn't mean that you'll find it easily though. There are so many activities and information sources that taking the right decision is often difficult. That's why we created NightsApp.

What is it exactly? It is a web application which will guide you through the night in Barcelona, and give you exclusive access to private Guest Lists. We will tell you how to dress, when and where to go depending on the music you like. Genaro, your personal club promoter, will answer your questions and tell you which party is the busiest, every night of the week.

So don't wait any longer and try to plan a night out with your friends using NightsApp!

Looking forward to partying with you, Genaro and Alex