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The 5 golden rules to pass the bouncers of Barcelona

Awesome! You're on the Guest List. You can sit back and relax right? Not so fast. There is one last step before you can fully enjoy your night out: passing the bouncer. NightsApp cannot guarantee entry, but here are a few tips to help you convert the try.

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Barcelona is exploding, it’s on fire! You can see the crowds at the beach, in the historic center or at the malls. Young people are coming from everywhere to enjoy the crazy summer holidays Catalunya’s capital has to offer. They only have one thing on mind: have fun and amazing experiences!

Night arrives and everyone wants the same: visit the best nightclubs in the city. Nightsapp gives you exclusive access to a private Guest List so you can party for free, but passing the bouncer remains your job! We are cool guys, so we are going to help you. We will share with you a few tips that will ensure you never get rejected by even the pickiest bouncers of Barcelona!

First and foremost, I would like to mention that we respect and agree with the general opinion. The selection at the door can feel arbitrary when you don’t understand the rules and the club’s rationale. Ladies have always been the queens of the night world and some unwritten rules can feel unfair to some. We are not going to change them, we can only help you understand them and maximise your chance to get the precious sesame to Barcelona’s most exclusive parties. So take note of our tips ;).

P.S. OK, we are being a bit dramatic, but don’t worry. Barcelona’s bouncers are waay cooler that their Americans or Australian counterparts! Nevertheless reading our tips is a good and easy way to help secure your place.

1. Dress to impress

Let’s be honest. Nightclubs in Barcelona are looking for elegant and well dressed people. Even though the ideal dress code varies a bit depending on the venue you select, every club will expect you to meet some basic standards:

Guys: Forget flip-flops and T-shirts. Elegant shoes and buttoned-up shirts will greatly enhance your chances. Nightclubs will understand if you insist on leaving your grandpa’s bespoke leather shoes safe at home, but they will expect decent footwear (trendy sneakers, leather shoes). The nightclubs of Barcelona are very well aware of the latest trends, and a fashion-conscious look will most likely fall within exceptions, but, more often than not, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. So if you’re not 100% confident your style will get the appreciation it deserves, opt for something not too.. original.

Girls: Much, much easier. Some make up, a nice dress, a pair of cute heels and you’re in.

In general, it is not about the brands or specific pieces you picked, but the bigger picture. Be elegant without doing too much, and you’ll get in.

2. Be there early

Another basic but very important advice. If the guest list’s deadline is 2:00 and you arrive at 01:45, good luck! Barcelona’s most exclusive venues are extremely popular, and the queue can extend over the length of a soccer field.

Arriving early is almost as important as being dressed appropriately, and is valid for both guys and girls. Yes, even the beautiful ones. (You probably realised that on the beach already: there are really a lot of beautiful girls in Barcelona. And when 100 beautiful girls are queuing before you, you won’t be so special anymore). If you arrive only 15 or 20 minutes before the deadline, you most of the time won’t get in (for free). Why? Because everyone did the same, everyone waits until the last moment, so queues get really long. If deadline is at 2:00, go at 1:00 and you will be sure to get in quickly, and for free.

Note: Due to the amount of people having shown up too late in the past weeks, this delay is already taken into account on NightsApp, so you should be alright.

3. If you are drunk, don’t karaoke your way in.

Most of us are often drunk when we hit the clubs. It’s normal, it’s part of the game. Nevertheless, you have to be smart enough and try to hide it from the bouncer. The best option is to remain quiet. Another handy tip is to keep looking at different things every second. Why? Because drunk people simply never do that. They stare at the same thing for minutes, which always give them away.

Also and because pointing out the obvious is always worth it: do NOT drink alcohol in the queue! (We already encountered a few cases, and it never ended well)

4. Don’t arrive in groups of ten, especially if you all want to keep on enjoying this awesome stag party.

Things are like they are: a group of 10 girls is walking gold for a nightclub, but a group of ten guys is a different story. We guys often cause more problems than girls and clubbers lucky enough to get in want to maintain this 2 girls/1 guy ratio they’ve been enjoying while you were in the queue. If you’re a group of ten, form two groups of five, and be nice. ;)

5. Don’t try to pick up the woman at the door

If there is a woman at the door, don’t try to be cool or funny. Treat her like a cop or something, really. Don’t even think about trying anything remotely physical. She’s too hot for you anyway.