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Nightclubs in Barcelona: our Top 10

The nightlife industry is moving quicky, and competition is fierce. Which nightclubs are worth a visit in 2015? Find out with our staff's cherry-picked top list.

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Some people have been living in Barcelona for years. Some arrived yesterday (for the first time without their parents) and just can't help smiling at the palm trees and blue sky everywhere. They disagree on many things, but they all agree on this one:

"Barcelona is the perfect city for living".

And it's true! We've got everything we need: beautiful beaches, an amazing climate, one of the best soccer teams in the world, top universities, a long history which shapes the city and underpins its culture, gorgeous museums and monuments, people from everywhere. And Barna also boasts a wild nightlife that all our users keep on experiencing every week. Our city is just.. amazing!


Barcelona's nightlife is crazy, it never ends, it never sleeps. Every night, top nightclubs are packed with people from all over the world, but there are also a lot of empty clubs. Some just didn't find this magic recipe that keep clubbers dancing (and more) all night long. Yet a lot of people pay to get into these nightclubs, especially tourists and Erasmus students.

Are you new to the city? Do you want to know where and when to party? Didn't you already find the perfect nightclub for you? Are you sometimes disappointed to end the night in an empty club when you just met this special someone? Would you like to go out on the week but you don't know where to go? Then just keep reading and we will provide you all the solutions to your problems.

This article will be usefull as much as tourists as locals, it will be usefull to the just-landed and to the people that was born here. We will tell you everything we know about Barcelona's nightlife! Every single secret, every single detail about the best nightclubs of the city will be revealed on this post: how to dress, which kind of music you will find, which day on the week will be more crowded, just everything! After read us you will realize that you will know and understand our nightlife and you will guide your friends to the best nightclubs!

It's important that you understand that this is a subjective ranking, it means, there is a lot of influence of our personal preferences. As nightlife lovers we go out almost every night (six times a week) and we know really well all the nightclubs in Barcelona, but everyone thinks different so you could maybe prefer the last one to the first one. It's also on you.

It was hard for us to decide which one was the best nightclub. Of course, we have to put Opium and Pacha on the top of the list. They're the biggest and most famous ones and have the bests light and sound systems. We spend really a lot of nights there and we know that they're always a good option to party. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere you might prefer Shoko or Otto Zutz.

How do I get in for free into the nightclubs?

Usually entrance costs between 15€ and 25€, but if you sign up on NightsApp's Guest Lists, you will get in for free. Just go to the door before the deadline (they are listed for each event, but usually 2:00 AM). The bouncer will ask you: Are you on the Guest List? Just reply "Yes, LISTA ARGENTINA" and the door staff will let you in for free. If you respect the dress code, of course.

We recommend checking NightsApp before partying so you can check the deadlines and which parties are the best options of the week.

Keep reading and check NightsApp's Official Ranking!

Nightsapp's official ranking


With its impressive 2000 clubbers capacity, Opium is in our opinion the best nightclub of Barcelona. It opens every night. It has an immense main floor where their resident DJ, Frank Caro, plays House and R'n'B. On the terrace (smoking area) Dani Cardenas plays Deep House and Hip Hop. This discotheque has the best light and sound system of Barcelona and hosted the most famous DJ's in the world, (think David Guetta, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren). It has 4 VIP areas: 2 inside and 2 on the terraces.

Opium is located on Port Olimpic, next to Shoko, Pacha and Carpe Diem (CDLC). To get to opium you have to take Ciutadella-Vila Olimpica metro (Yellow line), the Night Bus 8 (the line starts at Plaza Catalunya, face to Hard Rock Cafe) or you can also take a taxi (it is not so expensive in Barcelona). You should know that metro closes at midnight except on Saturdays that works all night long.

A good tip about Opium is than since 2:30 AM the bouncers put a stamp on your arm that allows you to go in and go out whenever you want, so you can go to the beach and then go back to the nightclub!

Opium opens at midnight and closes around 6 AM. You will realize that the nightclub starts to be crowded around 00:30, especially on summer season, so we recommend you be at the door between 00:30 and 01:00 to avoid big queues and problems at the door (that usually begins around 01:30).

As Opium is one of the biggest nightclubs in Barcelona, it's never empty and is always a good choice for partying. Nevertheless, we advice you two especial parties: Opium Red Carpet (on fridays) and Opium Soundays (on sundays).

Opium bouncers work really well and in my opinion they're the best of Barcelona: they're quick, cool and they don't make unnecesary problems. It's on you respecting the dress code and bringing your ID or a picture or photocopy.

You will see a lot of well dressed ladies with elegant dresses, high hills and make up, but that's not q requirement to go in. Beeing a girl you just need be a little bit elegant and not wearing flip-flops. Beeing a guy we advice you wear jeans, shirt and shoes, but you can also go in with baskets and t-shirt (nice ones).


Pacha guarantee us crazies nights and good music! Is a night temple expanded all over the world: Ibiza, New York, Buenos Aires and since almost one year and a half in Barcelona, when it replaced Sotavento. It has a capacity of 2000 people, with a big mainfloor where famous and recognized international DJs plays House, Commercial Hits and Hip Hop on the terrace. There is also a second dancefloor known as "The Red Room" where the kind of music changes with the party. It has also 3 VIP areas, two of them in the big mainfloor and the other one on the terrace.

The best lights and audio system mixes with classic Pacha style and decoration (white and moderns interiores with curved designs and red lights and lasers everywhere).

The nightclubs is on Port Olimpic area, next to Shoko, Opium and Carpe Diem Lounge Bar (known as CDLC). Even if Pacha has a great terrace, there is no stamp, so you can't go out of the nightclub and then go in again.

Pacha opens at midnight and it closes around 5:30 or 6:00 AM. We recommend you don't go later than 00:30 AM because they work slower than in Opium at the door and that causes bigs queues, especially after 1:00 AM. Be there early is very important if you want to go in quickly and enjoy of a great night at Pacha.

As Pacha is one of the biggest nightclubs of the city, it's always packed and it's a good option every night of the year. We advice you to visit it on mondays because of it famous party "Pacha Outlaw" (as mondays they're ussualy quiet days, Pacha is a great option because is the most crowded nightclub on mondays) and on saturdays (they play house on the mainfloor, hip hop on the terrace and reggaeton on "The Red Room". It's the craziest night of the week).


Bling Bling is one of the new nightclub on the city (it was opened on 2012) but it's one of the favourite of local people. It has capacity for 2000 people and it has a mainfloor with house music, which is decorated as an hotel hall, with luxury and elegance. It has also a loungue room that is usually packed of people dancing reggaeton and commercial hits. VIP areas are hugh and they're decorated with tea tables and white sofas.

We have to mention that is the most exclusive nightclub in Barcelona, so they're really strict about the dress code. Girls should wear elegant dresses, high hills and make up. Guys should wear shirts, shoes and blazer (if it's cold enough, of course).

The negative point of Bling Bling is that is a +21 nightclub. It's close to Diagonal metro on the center of the city. Is also near to Otto Zutz, Hyde Club and Soho.

We advice you go to Bling Bling on thursdays because of its especial and famous party "Obsession". Guest List deadline is at 2:30 but we recommend you be at the door around 1:00 and 1:30 because of the affluence.


Three dancefloors waits for you at Otto Zutz Barcelona! Otto is not as big as the other nightclubs that we already mention, nevertheless it's loved by local people! The nightclub is located on an old textile factory. Its current decoration reminds its past with iron beams, cast pillars, concret and metal bars.

The variety of its music makes it one of the most populars nightclubs on the city! On the down floor Otto plays Hip Hop, Funky and RnB. On the first floor there is two different ambients: one of them with commercial hits and the other one with reggaeton.

Otto Zutz highlights is they relaxed atmosphere, so they're less strict that the other nightclubs about the dress code (it's enough wearing t-shirts and baskets for guys). It's +18 and its public is heterogeneous because of the different kind of music that they plays. As you can realize is an alternative to the chic nightclubs in Barcelona.

We advice you go to Otto Zutz on thursdays and fridays. If you want to avoid big queues you should be at the door between 1:00 and 1:30.


Luxury, class and elegance. Three words we can't forget to describe a night at the imposing W Hotel. Eclipse Bar is located on the 26th floor and is one of the most fashionable places of Barcelona. It hosts classy parties with high-end mixology. At Eclipse you can enjoy of a good cocktail with the best views of the city and of the Mediterranean sea.

The chicest local and international public spend it night at this magnificent and exclusive hotel. A party at the W Hotel is a great and unique experience and an chance to enjoy a different night in Barcelona.

There is to spacious dancefloors with bars, house music and hits. Dress code is very elegant and they're really strict about it.

Our Guest List deadline is at 1:15 AM, so we advice you don't be there later than 1:00 AM. There's no as big queue and affluence as in the big nightclubs so it's not necessary to be there one hour before the deadline.

To get we recommend you to go down on Barceloneta metro station (yellow line) and walk to the hotel or take the N8 bus. In both you will have to walk between 5 and 1à minutes.

We recommend you visit it especially on fridays because during the week it closes at 2 or 3 AM because it's a bit quiet while on fridays it finishes at 4 AM and it's really crowded.


It's located at Port Olimpic, next to Opium, Carpe Diem and Pacha. It's also one of the most famous clubs on the city. It's decorated feng-shui style. It's a recognized nightclub that hosts thousends of people every week. Famous local and international DJs plays House, Funky and RnB.

We have to mention that Shoko has the most relaxed atmosphere of all the beach clubs. Its ambience is relaxed and they're not so stric about the dress code as Pacha or Opium.

Parties start around midnight and finish at 6:00 AM. Deadline is between 1:30 or 2:00 (it depends on the party). We advice you don't go after 1:00 because it's really crowded on the door.

"XOXO" party is one the most famous and crowded parties on the week. Nightclub will be packed and for sure it will be an unforgottable night.


Hyde Club, it's on "Passeig de Gracia", one the most famous and crowded streets of Barcelona. It's a chic and exclusive +21 nightclub. It has a modern "New York Style" decoration and is a great choice to spend and afterwork with tapas and wine on the week, but is also a good place to party on weekends with House, Soul and RnB.

Its public is mainly local and people from between 23 and 25 years.


CDLC is other club located on Port Olimpic. It has a big terrace face to the beach and the Mediterranean sea. The biggest difference between Carpe Diem and the other nightclubs on the area is that CDLC is the most exclusive one and it looks for customers between 21 and 30 years.

It has a colonial style and music is mainly commercial house (Ibiza Style). You should consider that Carpe Diem is really strict with the age and with the dress code (that is really elegant). It opens every day of the week, but the best parties are on tuesdays and saturdays.


It's located on the main street of Barcelona, the famous and crowded Ramblas de Catalunya. Teatre Principal is an alternative option to those who lives near to Plaza Catalunya, in Raval or Gothic Quartier. To get there you should take the Green Metro Line and go down on "Liceu" stop.

It opens every day of the week and they play local and international electro, techno and house. Deadline is around 2:00 AM and 2:30 and they're strict about that. It public it's mixed but there're a lot of locals.

10. SOHO

It's another club with New York Style. It has three different ambients with House, Commercial Hits and Reggaeton. You will find a very heterogeneous public. It's near to Diagonal Metro and it's close to Bling Bling, Hyde Club and Otto Zutz! It's open from thursdays to saturdays. Its public is mainly Erasmus students and tourists.

Now you have all the info that you need to enjoy Barcelona nightlife even better than a local! I hope you check NightsApp often and that you don't forget to mention LISTA ARGENTINA at the door to get in for free! Remember: Barcelona has one of the craziest nightlifes on the world, don't miss it!