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Best steak in Barcelona: Where to eat it?

Best steak in Barcelona ? Here our top 5 with the best restaurants and steakhouses in the city.

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For many people, gastronomy is a very important part of their trips. I'm one of them. A real trip includes all the gastronomic visits and to taste all the typical dishes. I'm convinced that if you have just a few meals on a city, then you have to be sure that you will eat at the best places. I don't mean to go to the most expensive ones, I mean that you have to be sure to get the best food for the price that you pay.

In big touristic cities like Barcelona, it's very easy to fall in restaurants for tourists. Scammers that offer a mediocre service for high prices. Generally you will find them in areas of high tourist affluence, as Las Ramblas, Barceloneta or around Sagrada Familia.

In the future we will write more articles about where to eat in Barcelona: which are the best tapas restaurants in the city, which are the restaurants with the best views and maybe even we will make a list with the best cheapest r...

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10 Things you must see before you leave Barcelona

If it's your first time in Barcelona for sure you should be a bit lost. Why? Because as every big city in Europe, the Catalan capital has lots of attractions, so a lot of places to visit, experiences to live and things to do, in most of cases, in a week or even in a few days, which represent a big problem for tourist that have to pick only a few atractions.

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If it's your first time in Barcelona you're probably a bit lost. Like every big city in Europe, the Catalan capital has a lot of attractions, places to visit, and crazy things to experience (you don't even imagine..)

Of course, if you're an Erasmus student or just moved to the city, you've got plenty of time.

Before telling you about the our curated list of the very best things to do in our sunny city, I would like to mention that this article will focus on a "classical sight seeing tour" of Barcelona. Our small group of promoters and friends will soon write another one for those less interested in this kind of trip and more interested in the "local" side of Barcelona. (Trust us, you will like the local stuff as much as the classic one ;)

I would also like to highlight that Barcelona streets and districts are so charming that many people stay walking through the typical littl...

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Are you moving to Barcelona? Everything you need to know about the Barcelona districts.

Are you a foreigner and are you coming to Barcelona soon? Do you need a room or a flat and you don't know which quartier to move to? You hear a lot of neighborhood names like Raval, Gothic, Barceloneta and Born but you realize you actually don't know nothing about them? Then read on, we tell you everything.

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If you're struggling with the same questions then this article is what you're looking for. We're going to explain you everything you need to know about the Catalan capital. Every secret, every detail, the official and the 'under the scene' knowledge. We'll take you for a free virtual trip to Barcelona in this blog. After reading this post you will feel as a local on your first time in Barcelona.

As lots of foreigners, when I was my first time in Barcelona I was a little bit lost. It took me a few months to find my way in the city and the different districts, what's normal of course. I enjoyed discorvering it, don't get me wrong. But there a few this that I think are easy to know before and I found out some really interesting things that I want to share with you. There are uncountable quartiers, lots of little narrow streets where you get lost really easily (specially when you're a bit drunk or i...

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La Mercè: Festivities of 2015

Every year in September, Barcelona lights up with one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Here is why you absolutely can't miss it.

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September begins. Holidays and summer are finishing, beaches are almost empties and most of the tourists are already in their countries. Students are coming back to universities and there is lots of cloudy and rainy days. But we also have good news, great news: we still live at one of the craziest cities on the world and September is a special month in Barcelona! Local or tourist I'm sure that you have heard about "Fiesta de la Mercè", one of the biggest and most important event of the city.

What is it?

Is an amazing event, a "must go", specially if you're and erasmus student or if it's possible that you'll be only once in your life at Barcelona in this moment of the year. People from diferent places over the world are coming to Barcelona because of the festival, so if you live here or if you're in holidays you shouldn...

Find out the top activities to attend during the festival

Nightclubs in Barcelona: our Top 10

The nightlife industry is moving quicky, and competition is fierce. Which nightclubs are worth a visit in 2015? Find out with our staff's cherry-picked top list.

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Some people have been living in Barcelona for years. Some arrived yesterday (for the first time without their parents) and just can't help smiling at the palm trees and blue sky everywhere. They disagree on many things, but they all agree on this one:

"Barcelona is the perfect city for living".

And it's true! We've got everything we need: beautiful beaches, an amazing climate, one of the best soccer teams in the world, top universities, a long history which shapes the city and underpins its culture, gorgeous museums and monuments, people from everywhere. And Barna also boasts a wild nightlife that all our users keep on experiencing every week. Our city is just.. amazing!


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Tired of partying? Here are the 5 things you must see in Barcelona

Barcelona's nightlife is famous, and it's sometimes hard to have as much fun during the day as you had last night. Here is Nightsapp's curated list of the few things you absolutely have to do during your stay in our gorgeous city.

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Giving you free access to Barcelona's most exclusive party guest lists in not enough for us. We want you to make the most of your daytime too. This is why we cherry-picked a list of the city's main attractions for you.

We consider that three-four days is a perfect timeframe to see and visit the principal attractions of Catalonia's capital. Nevertheless, a lot of people have more or less time than that to enjoy the city, so we suggest you 5 “must see” in Barcelona!

Park Güell

Park Güell is one of Barcelona's top attractions. It is a public park built between 1900 and 1914 by the Catalan architect Antoní Gaudí. The original idea was to build a private and exclusive residential garden village with 60 houses, but it didn’t work out and it was donated to Barcelona by the artist.

Getting to Park Güell is a bit complicated, because the closest Metro Stations -Vallcarca and Leeseps- are about one ...

Discover our curated list of 5 things to do to recover from the party

The 5 golden rules to pass the bouncers of Barcelona

Awesome! You're on the Guest List. You can sit back and relax right? Not so fast. There is one last step before you can fully enjoy your night out: passing the bouncer. NightsApp cannot guarantee entry, but here are a few tips to help you convert the try.

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Barcelona is exploding, it’s on fire! You can see the crowds at the beach, in the historic center or at the malls. Young people are coming from everywhere to enjoy the crazy summer holidays Catalunya’s capital has to offer. They only have one thing on mind: have fun and amazing experiences!

Night arrives and everyone wants the same: visit the best nightclubs in the city. Nightsapp gives you exclusive access to a private Guest List so you can party for free, but passing the bouncer remains your job! We are cool guys, so we are going to help you. We will share with you a few tips that will ensure you never get rejected by even the pickiest bouncers of Barcelona!

First and foremost, I would like to mention that we respect and agree with the general opinion. The selection at the door can feel arbitrary when you don’t understand the rules and the club’s rationale. Ladies have always been the queens of the night world and some ...

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What is NightsApp?

Barcelona is a crazy city, and its nightlife has become as famous as Ibiza's. But to enjoy it to the fullest, you'll need some insider's knowledge. That's why we created NightsApp.

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Visiting Sagrada Familia and Güell Park, supporting Messi and the FC Barça at Camp Nou, eating tapas in El Born or El Raval, enjoying the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.. The list of things you absolutely need to do in Barcelona could go on and on and you'll find it in any tourist guide about our marvelous city. All these daily activities will make your trip to Barcelona unforgettable. But what about the city's buzzing nightlife?

Barcelona offers wild parties to party-goers every day of the week, whether you like to dance next to the beach or on top of the city's most iconic buildings. But how do you find them? The secret to an unforgettable night does not only lie in the location, but also the timing. Where and, more importantly when to go clubbing?

NightsApp has the answer. Every night of the week, we direct you to the busiest party in town, and sign you up on the Guest List so you can par...

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